Just Keep Trying;
Fairy of the Moon;


Anybody who comes into the forest will be lost.
Everybody will become a Stalfos. Everybody, Stalfos.
Heh heh heh. Are you going to be… too?

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I’d wanna do WW Link because he’s the only Link I think I MIGHT be able to write, but Links are a dime a dozen in that community. But WW Link. But bitter askblogging past. That and the community is basically dead isn’t it? Augh

I think the part of the community we were a part of is dead. I think there’s still a handful of Zelda blogs that are still active and kicking.

Speaking of WW Link, I actually had attempted to set up an Aryll ask blog, but that didn’t get very far at all. And everytime I was to attempt at an ask blog, I think of ton of characters I could do it with. Shady was one, and Kurai(aka Dark Sonic) is the recent one, but I also have a Yellow Link and Pink Link I wanted to do, or one of my AU Links. There’s just too many undeveloped ideas and I guess I’m afraid no one will care so what’s the point.

Or maybe I’m just ready to do something related to my original ideas. But that would even get less attention.

Blah I’m rambling now. But I think that’s why the idea of creating a community again surrounded by an idea sounded interesting to me. To be part of a group would be great. Actually, probably the reason why I want a Zelda/Minecraft type group to do builds with. I want to have that community again. I want that creative community again. I miss the livestreams we all had. Freaking Creeper Pierre was part one of the best nights for me in my opinion.


On one hand I kind of want to start another askblog because it would make me draw a lot again and askblogging was fun but at the same time it’s the most annoying thing ever.

Yeah, I tried to start up another ask blog with Shady(who if you remember was the AU Shadow Link and was technically my first ask blog that didn’t really go anywhere) and then just recently I tried turning it into another ask blog, but it’s more of a mash between Choose Your Own Adventure/ask blog combination type thing where I run the story but asks can influence it.

I’ve made one post of that blog and haven’t touched it since. I just don’t know why I can’t get myself to do it anymore.

Apparently someone made an RP blog for Joelle from the Poe Sisters and left a message in my old Poe Sisters blog. It looks like they were trying to start an RP or what not.

Makes me sad because honestly I haven’t been active on the blog. I’ve only reblogged Poe Sisters pictures, but nothing in the ask blog/story category. So their message is sort of sent to a dead blog.

I’d offer to but I’m on so sporadically these days that I don’t know how much help I’d be.

Aw, thanks anyway. Oddly enough, if I ever need help on a blog from you, I think it would be the WW blog since I know how much you love that game. uwu

ouo/ I wouldn’t mind, you can ask me anytime

Is it weird that I keep thinking of you every time I think of having a consultant for that blog?

I’m the person that reads your tags.

Can I have someone be my consultant for my Zelda headcanon blog? Because I really do get stumped on whether I should post a headcanon given to me or not.


Okay Here We Go

I need commissions. badly. 

Prices are as shown but everything is negotiable to a degree based on complexity.

I will not draw nudity, fetishes, or hate art.

Payment must be given up-front for sketches. Colored pictures and pixels can be paid for after the initial sketch is approved, coloring of your lines can be paid for after the base colors are approved.

More examples of my art can be found at my deviantART page and my dedicated artblog


my most favorite robot masters!



learning languages is fun until i gotta do it for a grade

Learning new things in general is fun until I have to do it for a grade



Illustrations from the book Nordic Creatures / Nordiska väsen by Johan Egerkrans. From top these creatures are called Askefroa, Källrå and Näcken.

I have this book, its amazing!

Geoff Ramsey being a total dad in Let’s Play Minecraft 51 - The End (part 3) 


R&R connection